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Equiniti ICS have a strong track record of helping organisations implement, manage and support electronic document and records management systems (EDRMS).

So when a substantial product upgrade is released, how do you know when it’s the right time to upgrade? There are many things to consider including related costs, third party integrations, support and internal policy.

That’s why we’re offering records managers a free system audit, where we’ll appraise your system and offer our expert view on whether you would benefit from upgrading your EDRMS.

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Content Manager V9.4

Recently Micro Focus released the latest version of its governance based enterprise content management system, Content Manager V9.4.

What’s new in Content Manager V9.4?

The latest release brings with it improved functionality and more than 150 additional enhancements, including event based archiving, Web Client update, a new dashboard and explorer window as well as enhancement to Microsoft Office integrations, all designed to make your job easier.


  • Continued support of legacy TRIM platforms
  • Improved performance of slow running platforms
  • Handover of complex migration projects
  • Compliance with HP and Microfocus supported versions
  • Cost effective support model.
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We will upgrade legacy Content Manager/TRIM platforms to Content Manager V9.4.


Manage third party integrations with line of business applications or Microsoft SharePoint.
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Migrate content from Content Manager/TRIM to SharePoint.

How we help

We provide a full range of services for Content Manager, including implementation, training, consultancy, project management, support, integration and data migration.

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What you will get from your free audit?

  • Full analysis of current Records management systems
  • Discussion around any current pain points
  • Review of current deployment of all TRIM/RM/CM server functional components
  • Identify areas of improvement
  • One page action plan to future proof your records and data

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Managing documents effectively 

To read more about managing documents effectively and the benefits it can bring to your organisation read our free access guide.

From this guide you will:

- Learn how to keep your documents secure
- Understand future challenges of document management 
- Form a document management action plan.

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