Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Complaints Management

Dynamics 365 for Complaints Management is a cloud based case management solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365. It takes our industry leading experience in the case management domain and applies it to a Dynamics 365 tenant.

Who is it for?

  • Organisations who require a cost effective complaint management solution
  • Organisations looking to leverage existing Microsoft licenses
  • Organisations looking for a quickly configurable case management solution

Dynamics 365 for Complaints Management equips public bodies with the tools to manage individual cases, track service related activities and quickly locate the best resolution. Case workers are empowered with the ability to deliver Omni-channel solutions to citizens to ensure they are provided with an efficient, consistent level of service regardless of the channel they choose to communicate through.

Embracing Complaints and Building Trust

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Key benefits:

  • A cost effective, scalable, low risk solution that maximises existing investments in MS Dynamics
  • Direct Citizen Interaction, management and communication.
  • Access at any time, from any location via native apps or all current mobile and desktop browsers
  • Configurable workflows which can be edited in browser by clients
  • Comprehensive reporting via real-time dashboards 
  • Scheduled reporting and powerful Management Information/capabilities gaining powerful business insights.

Case Study

Read our case study on how we developed an effective complaints management platform on Dynamics 365 for a UK investigative body.


Case study

How We Help

Equiniti's complaint management services have been specially designed to meet the unique and complex challenges and responsibilities faced by our public sector clients. We have developed a range of complaint management solutions to meet the most complex public sector processes, including Judicial, Police Ombudsman and health and safety complaints. As a result we understand that all cases are different and therefore any solution must be equipped to handle any and all intricacies, as well as provide the ability to monitor complaint progress and be reactive to updates whenever and wherever you are.

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Using Complaints as a Catalyst for Change in the Public Sector

No organisation, whether private or public sector, can deliver fault‑free services all the time, however hard they may try. The true test is how authorities deal with challenges when they arise and how they respond to and manage complaints.

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