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Equiniti sponsors IRMS Conference 2018

18 Apr 2018

Equiniti is delighted to be sponsoring the annual Information and Records Management Society (IRMS) Conference 2018 from Sunday 20th – Tuesday 22nd May at the Hilton Brighton Metropole.





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Are you really who you say you are?

28 Mar 2018

Almost by definition ‘new’ technology doesn’t (or at least shouldn’t) stand still. For it to continue to be useful to the user it must evolve and stay relevant to their business needs and provide an excellent user experience.





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Four key benefits of a complaints management process that works

19 Mar 2018

As we continue to move forward in a world where customers want bigger and better levels of engagement and interaction with organisations than ever before, the importance of an effective feedback and complaints management process is growing, too.





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Five reasons complaints can benefit your business

05 Mar 2018

All organisations who provide a service to customers will inevitably deal with complaints and unfavourable feedback from time to time; no operation can deliver fault-free customer service all the time, however hard they may try.





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Blockchain... Are the possibilities endless?

28 Feb 2018

Blockchain may be one of the most hyped terms in business technology, but for good reason - blockchain is proving to be a huge disrupter across most business sectors and industries.





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Is digital inclusion just a pipe dream?

14 Feb 2018

With more and more public services moving online, are certain sectors of society being left behind?


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Improving customer experience by spending less time in the office

31 Jan 2018

Mobile working is nothing new, but thanks to advances in technology and organisational thinking, more employees now have the ability to work effectively while out of office, which is helping them to exceed their customers' expectations.


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Customer relationship management

28 Jan 2018

When dealing with aging technology systems, multiple stakeholders and internal challenges, it can seem difficult to find a budget friendly and efficient method of achieving a high level of service and accountability.

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Demystifying digital transformation in the public sector

24 Jan 2018

Digitising government will have its challenges due to the need for high levels of compliance, large volumes of personal data and a diverse range of mission-critical responsibilities.


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The emergence of the digital-native citizen

10 Jan 2018

There’s a lot of talk about how all businesses need to transform to become more market relevant and more efficient than the competition. A valuable tool in this drive for transformation is technology. 


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How digital makes it real: The emergence of government as a platform

20 Dec 2017

A few years ago, we were discussing the app economy. Apps (i.e. applications, typically, on mobile devices) were revolutionary, or so it appeared. Everyone wanted an app and tech entrepreneurs fell over themselves to get in on the act. Even government departments and local authorities rolled out apps.


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How flexible tech can support business innovation and imagination

06 Dec 2017

Agility and flexibility are the modern watchwords associated with the provision of digital services – and government is very much in the business of providing digital services.


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