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    Taking the 'dumb' out of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    18 Nov 2019

    Robots are dumb. Fact. Don't believe me?

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    Embracing Complaints and Building Trust - The Guide

    13 Nov 2019

    Effective Complaint Handling in the public sector put sthe citizen first and builds trust.

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    Improving your organisation through complaints with Dynamics 365

    31 Oct 2019

    By engaging with and utilising complaints, businesses can derive an effective tool for process and service improvement which can lead to building trust with their customer base.


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    Is your customer service process automated yet?

    17 Oct 2019

    Improving services at a time when financial restrictions can hamper large investments means leaders need to act smart in order to develop and deliver enhanced provisions to customers and citizens.


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    Managing Complaints Effectively - The Guide

    09 Oct 2019

    How public bodies manage, record and report complaints varies drastically.

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    Removing Pain Points - why digital complaint platforms make sense

    24 Sep 2019

    Being inundated with complaints is an indicator that something might not be quite right in your organisation.

    Whilst actively welcoming complaints is perhaps a step too far, placing an emphasis on solving problems is vital for continuous improvement within any organisation.

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    Engage with complaints to retain customers and build profits

    30 Aug 2019

    It's not necessary to try and avoid complaints. The real value to businesses is how they deal with complaints when they arrive, and how they develop their systems and processes as a result to benefit the business in the long run.


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    Using complaints as a catalyst for change in the public sector

    19 Aug 2019

    No organisation, whether private or public sector, can deliver fault‑free services all the time, however hard they may try. The true test is how authorities deal with challenges when they arise and how they respond to and manage complaints.


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    10 reasons why a document management system will help you

    11 Jul 2019

    An effective document management system can empower staff, save money and ensure full regulatory compliance. 


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    Choosing the right document management system

    11 Jul 2019

    Document management is a term you’re more than likely familiar with, but what does it really mean?

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    Think about this when developing a digital transformation strategy

    27 Jun 2019

    The decision to migrate from traditional working practices and shift to modern digital first, cloud based services is not one to be taken lightly, but it is one that is being made throughout public sector.

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    Top tips for handling Subject Access Requests

    06 Jun 2019

    All citizens have the right to request a copy of any data that is held about them, as well as information including how their data is collected, managed and used by public sector bodies.

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