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    10 reasons why a document management system will help you

    11 Jul 2019

    An effective document management system can empower staff, save money and ensure full regulatory compliance. 


    Document Management Infographic


    1 Improved regulatory compliance

    Don’t risk fines or reputational damage by being found to be noncompliant. Know what it stored on your documents.


    2 Automation of task to improve workflows

    Automate emails and actions based on criteria you set within your DMS and let your workflows manage documents for you, maximising efficiency.


    3 Manage documents effectively

    You may have documents that you no longer need, or documents that you might need but are not sure. Tag documents for a date in the future where you can review this.


    4 Enable Collaboration

    Edit documents in real time and share electronically with team members from a variety of locations.


    5 Use the clouds to reduce storage space

    Utilise cloud based storage for your documents. If you need extra space simply take out more storage online. Gone are the days of archive rooms and boxes!


    6 Find what you’re looking for with ease

    Tag and categorise your documents so you can find the documents you’re looking for with ease, when you need them.


    7 Share the benefits with your customers with improved service

    Improve response times to customer’s queries by having documents at the tip of your fingertips.


    8 Make your security locker tight

    Track access and modifications to documents, restrict permissions to certain users or groups and in turn reduce the risks of a data breach.


    9 Better backup and disaster recovery

    By having digital backups of all your documents stored in a central repository there is no longer the risk that you lose all your files should disaster strike.


    10 Going green…think of the environment

    Limit your carbon footprint. A digital document management system will drastically reduce the paper usage within organisations translating to an environmentally friendly document management model as well as saving on paper costs!


    Equiniti ICS have a history of developing and implementing document management platforms for organisations across the public and private sector. To speak to one of our experts today email





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