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    Improving your organisation through complaints with Dynamics 365

    31 Oct 2019

    By engaging with and utilising complaints, businesses can derive an effective tool for process and service improvement which can lead to building trust with their customer base.



    In today’s public sector, a successful web based complaint management platform is built upon three core areas: accessibility, analysis and communication.


    Accessibility gives citizens the ability to submit a grievance at a time and a place that is convenient for them, via a process that is uncomplicated and transparent. For example, for case workers, this means a clear view of cases that allows them to conduct their job efficiently.  


    Through complaints analysis, opportunities are presented for organisations to spot trends which can deliver actionable insights for organisations that can be used to drive change where appropriate.


    Complaints is one way that public bodies directly communicate and engage with citizens. Clear and consistent dialogue between citizens and case workers can lead to quicker resolution times and a smoother process through to resolution.


    Core to delivering on all these cornerstones is having a system in place that lends itself to two-way communication, that is easy to access and use, is transparent and delivers a clear outcome that can be communicated to the complainant, will lead to confidence in the system and can future proof an organisation for long-term benefits.


    A custom-built complaint management platform built to the exact unique needs of an organisation could deliver on all requirements, however as much as this is an ideal solution, cost parameters often render this solution unworkable.


    Delivering value through existing licenses


    A cost effective alternative that can be deployed within a shorter timeframe is Microsoft Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 is ideal for organisations seeking to leverage existing Microsoft licenses and those looking for a quickly configurable complaint management solution.


    Users are equipped with the tools to manage individual cases in an environment customised to an organisations needs, track service related activities and quickly locate the optimum resolution whilst delivering a consistent level of service through an Omni-channel approach.


    Equiniti ICS work in partnership with public sector organisations across the UK and Ireland helping them to deliver of digital transformation objectives. If Dynamics 365 Complaint Management sounds like an area you are keen to speak more about, contact us and we will be in touch. 



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