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    Forensic Science Northern Ireland

    08 Oct 2018

    Equiniti provided a major forensics science organisation with a sophisticated case management system (CMS) that is flexible, scalable, and integrates seamlessly with a range of software products, including the Causeway Criminal Justice Hub.

    As the volume of exhibit submissions received by Forensic Science Northern Ireland (FSNI) increases, so too does the need to manage these submissions effectively and efficiently by automating and streamlining case handling processes.


    In many cases, particularly major incidents, a large number of items may be submitted to FSNI, and comprehensive notes must be kept on individual items whilst ensuring that full evidential item-tracking is maintained. This information must then be examined to establish the relevance of each item. FSNI therefore required a modern multi-functional software system with the capacity to store information and present it in an accessible way.


    For more information on how we helped FSNI, download the full case study. 


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