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    Managing Complaints Effectively - The Guide

    09 Oct 2019

    How public bodies manage, record and report complaints varies drastically.


    It’s not unusual to see public sector bodies relying on manual paper and pen, or Excel-based complaint management. Through effective complaint management, pubic bodies can reap benefits of an enhanced service to citizens.


    Our guide 'Managing Complaints Effectively in the Public Sector' examines key aspects of complaint management with a particular focus on current practices in the public sector and developing an action plan for future development. 


    What you can expect to gain from our guide:


    • Recognition of why complaints are mismanaged 
    • Track the evolution of complaints 
    • Understanding the importance of Root Cause Analysis 
    • How you can benefit from complaints 
    • Formulate an actionable plan to manage complaints more effectively.


    Click here to read the guide



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