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    Removing Pain Points - why digital complaint platforms make sense

    24 Sep 2019

    Being inundated with complaints is an indicator that something might not be quite right in your organisation.

    Whilst actively welcoming complaints is perhaps a step too far, placing an emphasis on solving problems is vital for continuous improvement within any organisation.


    According to a Digital Trends report, the main reason for poor satisfactions levels amongst citizens towards public bodies is slow processes, waiting times and being put on hold on the phone as well as automated voice messages. These traditional methods are outdated and don’t deliver on expectations, particularly when aligned to the customer experienced delivered in the private sector such as in banking and retail.


    Generally complaints tend to fall within the following categories:


    • Seeking an apology for poor service
    • Seeking an explanation for what happened
    • To be heard
    • Improvements for services
    • Reassurance that it won’t happen to anyone else


    Traditionally it was difficult to use statistics to find out what people complain about because of the difficulty in classifying complaints, however by harnessing technology organisations can focus directly on citizen pain points and seek to reduce or eliminate certain complaints. This is a key area where authorities can make gains on improving citizen satisfaction levels.


    Complaint submission is mixed across public services, with many bodies still advocating pen and paper methods. There is no one size fits all approach to complaints given intricacies involved depending on the department, however the move to digital should be universal.


    Thankfully, public bodies are migrating towards online tools and platforms. Thanks to digital transformation programmes services are slowly being transformed. The days of citizens being placed on hold as a clerk searches for a notepad and a pen to record a complaint are nearing their end. Both internally and externally the benefits will be felt throughout the complaints process. Each pain point highlighted above can be addressed through the use of technology.


    By using technology to handle complaints authorities can capture, manage and track complaints from initial contact through to resolution, via any channel in your organisation.


    Complaint platforms provide accountability, enabling organisations to be remain compliant, and can be customised to handle the processes of a range of regulated sectors.


    Investments today can bring costs down in the long run. Authorities benefit by reducing the time involved in handling complaints, removes the chance of duplication and makes it easier to access, track, record and resolve complaints.


    Equiniti ICS have worked with organisations across the UK and Ireland to deliver effective complaint management platforms. Speak to us today to help you on your journey.


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